Playground Rules

  • You must be 21 years of age to ENTER and drink at TNG.

  • All new members or guests wishing to renew their membership must provide valid photo identification so TNG can ensure a safe environment for all guests.

  • TNG has a zero-tolerance policy against drugs.

  • No cameras or recording devices are permitted. This includes cell phones with cameras of any kind.

  • Visibly intoxicated guests might be refused entry at the discretion of our staff. Management and staff reserve the right to refuse alcohol to guests who consume excessive amounts.

  • All guests must respect the privacy of others. No violence or rude conduct toward a guest or staff will be permitted.

*A more in depth list of rules and acceptable behavior will be provided at the sign in kiosk when you apply for membership.

Dress Code

Single Male Disclaimer

  • No Flip Flops

  • No Shorts

  • No Printed T-Shirts

  • No Tennis Shoes

  • No Baseball Caps​

  • Nipples and genitals MUST be covered at all times in the common areas.

*appropriate attire will be under the discretion of management​

Single Males are welcome at TNG every night that we are open, however there are rules in place for Single Males that choose to visit our club.

  • Single Males are to respect all other patrons of the club, NO means NO. 

  • Single Males are not permitted in the private rooms unless accompanied by a couple or a partner, including the Big Room

**Single Males who choose not to follow these rules or disturb other guests will be asked to leave.