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Dress Code

The Night Game requires "Date Night/Cocktail" attire for entry into the club. Our dress code IS enforced and TNG reserves the right to deny entry to any guest not meeting our dress code requirements.

Ladies / Feminine Attire

  • No clothing/t-shirts with large logos (i.e. Nike, Gucci, sports teams etc.)

  • No athletic style clothing (i.e. yoga pants, sweatpants, joggers etc.)

  • No cut-off or "Daisy Duke" style denim shorts.

  • Shoes must be well kept (no dirty sneakers, plastic flip-flops, "slides" etc.)

  • Clothing must be opaque enough to cover nipples or pasties WILL be required.

  • Panties MUST be worn at all times unless completely covered by an opaque dress/skirt etc.

  • Clubwear/Cocktail Dresses are encouraged

Gentlemen / Masculine Attire

  • Collared shirts are preferred. 

  • No shirts with holes or bleach stains will be permitted. T-Shirts should be solid colored or fashion printed.

  • No printed logo T-Shirts (Nike, Salt Life, 9Line, Sports Teams, etc.)

  • No "fishing" shirts (i.e. Magellan, Columbia etc.)

  • No flip flops or open-toed shoes.

  • No athletic tennis shoes or dirty work boots (sneakers must be clean kept)

  • No baseball caps ​with athletic teams or large logos. Solid colored caps and cowboy hats are permitted.

  • Shorts are allowed AS LONG AS they are WELL KEPT. No basketball/athletic, cut-off or cargo shorts will be permitted. 

  • Genitals MUST be covered at all times in the common areas.

Examples of Acceptable Attire:

Examples of Unacceptable Attire: