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TNG Rules & Regulations

  • You must be 21 years of age to enter TNG.

  • TNG is strictly BYOB, we do not sell, serve or handle alcohol.

  • TNG does not allow outside food inside the club (cake, cookies, snack trays, etc.)

  • TNG has a zero-tolerance policy against drugs.

  • All new members or guests wishing to renew their membership must provide valid photo identification so TNG can ensure a safe environment for all guests.

  • Harris County regulations require that nipples and genitals MUST be covered in the common areas of the club.

  • Playroom doors MUST remain closed during play. Enter and exit as you wish, but close the door behind you every time.

  • Consent is ALWAYS required before touching anyone in the club, clients & staff alike.

  • No cameras or recording devices are permitted in the private rooms. This includes cell phones with cameras of any kind.

  • Photos taken in the main hall of the club must be taken with full consent from everyone in the photo. We suggest taking advantage of our "Selfie Station" to avoid any conflicts with staff or other guests.

  • Visibly intoxicated guests might be refused entry at the discretion of our staff.

  • Management and staff reserve the right to remove any guest that is excessively intoxicated and/or causing a disturbance.

  • All guests must respect the privacy of others.

  • No violence or rude conduct toward a guest or staff will be permitted.

In order to protect the safety and privacy of our clients, TNG reserves the right to enforce these rules as deemed necessary,  and any guest(s) that do not respect the rules and/or our staff/patrons may be escorted out, and all fees paid will be non-refundable.

Want to fill out your paperwork in advance?

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