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Single Male Disclaimer

Single Gentlemen are welcome at TNG every night that we are open, however there are rules in place for Single Gentlemen that visit our club.

  • Single Men are to respect all other patrons of the club, NO means NO. 

  • Single and/or Unaccompanied Men are not permitted in the playrooms unless accompanied by a couple or a partner, including the voyeur room.

  • NO ONE is permitted to touch anyone else without consent, EVER. Do not touch any other patron or employee without explicit permission to do so. 


**Single Men who choose not to follow these rules or disturb other guests will be asked to leave with no refunds.

**Severe infractions could result in a permanant ban from the club.

**TNG reserves the right to place a limit on Single Males if necessary to maintain a comfortable ratio, we do our best to be inclusive, however the comfort of our patrons is of utmost importance and we will strive to keep a comfortable balance.

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