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Introducing: "TNG Talks" Lifestyle Topics & Advice from The Night Game Houston

Hey everyone! It's Tiffani here. Some of you probably already know me, but for most of you that don't, I am the Floor Manager and Social Media Director for The Night Game Lifestyle Club in Houston, TX! I am 25 years old, married with 2 children and I help run TNG along with my loving and erratic family.

From the time that Tanja, the owner of the club & my amazing mother, came to me and told me about her idea to start TNG, I have dedicated my heart and soul to this club. She pitched me her dream and I instantly fell in love. My husband and I were no strangers to the Lifestyle, as we had opened up our relationship roughly a year and a half prior to embarking on our journey with TNG, but the LS Club scene was something that was pretty new to us. Nonetheless, I immediately felt compelled to be involved as much as I possibly could. I started researching other LS clubs around the country, I scoured Lifestyle blogs and I asked questions from everyone I could think of. I dove into building a social media platform and a website before we ever even finished the first coat of paint.

I guess the long winded point I'm making is that I have always done everything I could to better our club, to make it a place that Houston Lifestylers could call home and a place that out of towners would want to make a trip to experience. I wanted to make it something that had the potential to be so much more than a "Swinger Club".

So, naturally, when I started to notice certain things in the club that caught my attention or questions that I had been asked repeatedly by different folks, I wanted to find a way to simplify it. I found that there are many topics/aspects in and about the lifestyle that many people struggle with or have questions about and I thought "What better way to help than to compile all of that information in one place??".

And thus, TNG Talks was born! I decided I would start a Lifestyle blog, to answer your everyday LS questions, address hot topics in the LS community, and just share a little bit about our lives running The Night Game!

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm no writer, but I can promise you one thing, and that is that TNG and our patrons mean more to me than I could ever express, so I plan to do my very best to create well put together, usable & informative posts that provide a unique insight. I truly look forward building this blog alongside the club that I love so very much!

If you have any questions you'd like to ask us, suggestions for topics, LS stories you'd like to tell, or anything else that you would like to contribute to the blog, please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you!

Submissions can be sent to: or you can send us a direct message on any of our social media sites!

Tiffani Suson

TNG Floor Manager & Soon-to-be Lifestyle Blogger

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Hi Tiffani. Me and my girlfriend are new to the lifestyle. We live about 2 hours away. My question is are there a lot of single men on any given night?

Replying to

I am a single man, 53, and plan on going this Friday night. 6-28-24 look for the Black Cowboy hat with Gold cord.


May 20, 2023

Hello how can I become a part of the blogging community and promoting writing posts


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Apr 30, 2023

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Hi Tiffany,

Abby & I are not new to the lifestyle but were new to the club scene. We came Friday on the advise of

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