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What to bring to a Lifestyle Club: What's in my LS Club bag?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

You may or may not be new to the Lifestyle, but say you've never been to a Lifestyle CLUB before. What are we supposed to bring? What is provided by the club? Where can I put my stuff once we get there? These are excellent questions, so today we're going to give you some inside advice on what to bring on your next TNG trip!


Now, first off, let's go over what you don't HAVE to bring (to OUR club at least, we can't speak for anyone/anywhere else!)


  • Gum (we provide breath mints (throughout the club) & mouth rinse (in the restrooms)(plus, it gets in our carpet, yikes) so gum is really unnecessary unless you REALLY want it)

  • Condoms (unless you have a latex allergy or a specific brand preference, we provide plenty of condoms in all of our playrooms!)

  • Personal Wipes (We provide baby wipes in the playrooms, as well as flushable wipes in the restrooms for easier clean up)

  • Toiletries (We provide cans of hairspray, deodorant and perfume/cologne in the restrooms for freshening up, no need to bring extra unless you have allergies or brand preferences!)

  • Drink Mixers (TNG keeps an array of non-alcoholic sodas and juices for mixing beverages, so once again, unless you have allergies or preferences, no need to bring your own!)

  • Snacks (Our snack bar is always open and usually (aside from our massive parties where we run out lol) stocked with several different options for munchies.)

Next, what you DO have to bring, if would like to use it while at the club.


  • Alcohol (If you drink, you have to bring your own alcoholic beverages. Again, we do serve plenty of non-alcoholic mixers, but the good stuff is on you!)(You can bring a small cooler for your drinks if you wish, but it must fit under the table, and security will check the contents at the front desk upon entry.)

  • Personal Lubricant (At this time, TNG does not provide lube, so be sure to bring some if you need it!)

  • Adult Toys/BDSM Gear (I'm sure this goes without saying, but any "toys" you want to play with, you'll need to bring as well! Just don't forget them in the playrooms when you leave! Yes, that happens! Lol)

  • Padlock for Lockers (TNG has lockers available for free use, but we don't provide locks for them. You are more than welcome to lock up your belongings, but you must bring your own lock!)(We do have some available for purchase at the front desk if you forget one, they are $5)

Lastly, our list of items that are TOTALLY optional. These are just a few items we see folks bringing, or things that we have personally packed before that might help boost your experience just a bit more!


  • Outfit Changes (Some clients (ladies & gentlemen both!) like to change outfits throughout the night. If you are one of those folks, throw some extra outfits in that bag so you can have options!)

  • Flat Shoes (If you wear high heels, we HIGHLY recommend being prepared to take them off lol (TNG is 10,000 sqft, the dogs start barking pretty quickly) We do provide FREE socks to the ladies who need them, but if you aren't comfortable wearing JUST socks, make sure to bring some back up shoes!)

  • Bottle Opener (we do have several at the bar, but some folks find it easier to just have one at the table for personal use)

  • Cup/Tumbler with a Lid (although TNG does provide cups, some folks feel a bit more comfortable with their own. Additionally, the lids help prevent spills, as well as help you distinguish your drink from another's)(Lastly, as much as I hate to say it, lids also prevent anyone from tampering with your drink. As safe as TNG is, we can't see EVERYTHING, and people can be awful. This is purely just an extra precaution for your safety. Using TNG provided cups is perfectly fine, just make sure that you use regular bar precautions while drinking with us, as our cups DO NOT have lids.)

  • Change for Tipping (Once you pay your cover, all the amenities provided are completely complementary, but we 100% encourage you to tip our staff. They work hard for you to have a great experience!)

This last list isn't really a list of items, but rather a few tips from our TNG staff! These are just a few things that might help you during your visit!

  1. Write your name on your bottle! While theft is rare at TNG, it does happen. Writing your name on your bottle can help us identify your belongings, and keep others from confusing your bottle with theirs or just down right snagging it.

  2. Put a luggage tag on your bag! People leave things behind/lose things in the club all the time. Placing a luggage tag on your bag can help us get your belongings back to you! Even using an alias + phone number/email can help tremendously!

  3. USE THE LOCKERS. Seriously, we spent a lot of money on them and they're literally there for you to use them. Plus, THEY'RE FREE. Just do it. Lol

  4. Watch your alcohol intake! This one is pretty basic and self explanatory, but it happens CONSTANTLY. Getting too drunk isn't fun for you or the person that has to babysit you. We love to get litty and have a good time, but don't over do it! Sloppy drunk isn't sexy!

  5. RELAX! You're here to have fun! It isn't a competition, conquest or any other goofy term that people try to make it sometimes. The lifestyle is about forming bonds and friendships with like-minded people. There is no pressure, so don't pressure yourself! Let things happen for you organically.


That's all I've got for now! What did you think of this list?? Was it helpful? Did I leave anything out?? Tell me what you think! Your comments are always welcome! As always, questions, concerns, suggestions etc. can be sent to -->

Until the next one, Night Crew!


Tiffani Suson

TNG Floor Manager

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Unknown member
Nov 29, 2022

so I’m a single male and was planning on going this Friday, December 2 for the first time. It’s also my birthday I’ll be 34 I was wanting to know if there’s anything in particular a first time or needs to know or bring as far as like a heads up type of thing.

Nov 29, 2022
Replying to

Nah, we generally provide everything you will need. Just bring your ID and a bottle if you'd like to drink!


Michael Villatoro
Michael Villatoro
Oct 03, 2020

I’m looking to join the club but am shy to go alone and don’t really have friends that are into this. If anyone wants to hang out and go I’m all for it!


Jun 09, 2020

Anytime! Thank you guys so much for reading 🥰💖


Jun 09, 2020

Awesome info Tiffani!!!! Thank you so much for always looking out for us! 😚

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