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What to bring to a Lifestyle Club: What's in my LS Club bag?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

You may or may not be new to the Lifestyle, but say you've never been to a Lifestyle CLUB before. What are we supposed to bring? What is provided by the club? Where can I put my stuff once we get there? These are excellent questions, so today we're going to give you some inside advice on what to bring on your next TNG trip!


Now, first off, let's go over what you don't HAVE to bring (to OUR club at least, we can't speak for anyone/anywhere else!)


  • Gum (we provide breath mints (throughout the club) & mouth rinse (in the restrooms)(plus, it gets in our carpet, yikes) so gum is really unnecessary unless you REALLY want it)

  • Condoms (unless you have a latex allergy or a specific brand preference, we provide plenty of condoms in all of our playrooms!)

  • Personal Wipes (We provide baby wipes in the playrooms, as well as flushable wipes in the restrooms for easier clean up)

  • Toiletries (We provide cans of hairspray, deodorant and perfume/cologne in the restrooms for freshening up, no need to bring extra unless you have allergies or brand preferences!)

  • Drink Mixers (TNG keeps an array of non-alcoholic sodas and juices for mixing beverages, so once again, unless you have allergies or preferences, no need to bring your own!)

  • Snacks (Our snack bar is always open and usually (aside from our massive parties where we run out lol) stocked with several different options for munchies.)

Next, what you DO have to bring, if would like to use it while at the club.


  • Alcohol (If you drink, you have to bring your own alcoholic beverages. Again, we do serve plenty of non-alcoholic mixers, but the good stuff is on you!)(You can bring a small cooler for your drinks if you wish, but it must fit under the table, and security will check the contents at the front desk upon entry.)

  • Personal Lubricant (At this time, TNG does not provide lube, so be sure to bring some if you need it!)