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What to wear to a Lifestyle Club: Ladies

One of the biggest challenges we hear about when people tell us they're planning on coming out to the club is "What do I wear???". We get questions about the dress code week after week, and it's understandable! You want to be sexy, but comfortable, and sometimes your comfort level can really depend on the environment. That can be hard when you don't know what to expect from a place you've never been!

We thought it might be helpful to give our patrons a bit of an idea of the popular type of outfits we see in our club frequently, so we decided to compile a few examples of popular LS clubwear and a few places you can purchase an outfit or two...or six.

This post will be focusing on ladies clubwear, but be sure to check out our post on gentlemen's outfits as well!


We're gonna start out this list with some milder outfits and finish it out with some things that are a bit more risque. Outfit changes are not uncommon in LS clubs, and some ladies like to wear an outfit to the club, and then slip into something a little sexier later in the night. If this is something that interests you, by all means!